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Hello, I'm Amanda. Thank you for visiting my website. Feel free to explore, click around, and contact me.

A little about me:

I've been a professional performer for over ten years now and my face has been through every kind of makeup transformation imaginable, on and off stage. Through my years of theatre I learned how beautiful, empowering, and effective makeup can be. Over time, my love of theatre, makeup, and of course Halloween have helped me to create Makeup Artistry by Amanda DeSouza. That same passion has carried me across various movie sets, short film projects, commercials, photoshoots, nightlife gigs, events for Halloween, face-painting and various other special occasions. Every event and job I do is different and requires a specific skill set. I do my utmost to make sure my clients feel special and that their event is as memorable as possible.

You might wonder why makeup is so important to me? Because Makeup Artistry is an art! It's more than just mascara and some foundation. It's taking the canvas of a person and creating looks that inspire awe with their beauty, or creating something terrifying and powerful. I truly love making my client's dreams come true, and nothing fills me with more joy than when a client looks in the mirror and sees themselves as a beachy bride, or a creepy crawler, and fall in love with the finished product. My client's happiness is my top priority, and I love creating looks for every occasion.

Thanks for meeting me, the artist.
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Please contact me with inquiries, trials, or for makeup fun. Looking forward to working with you!

-Amanda DeSouza

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